Cash Flow Modeling

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Cash Flow Analytics

RiskSpan develops cash flow models for multiple asset types using a variety of tools and programming languages. We’re more than just data analysts – we understand the underlying securities and apply our data expertise to generate accurate, reliable results.

Intex Integration

Built-in integration with industry providers.

Python Integration

Custom cash flow modeling.

The RiskSpan Advantage

Industry Expertise

Specialized in structured securities and understand the nuances and contexts of the models.

Python Deal Flow

Python cash flow modeling, including initial creation and transaction structure testing.

Blockchain Solutions

Investing and Securitization Solutions

Applications of Cash Flow Modeling



Have confidence that you are receiving and making payments in accordance with deal rules.

  • Quality assessment testing before delivery
  • Abstract, including waterfall and reporting requirements
  • Transparency to facilitate training and internal audit reviews



Valuations for structured securities such as RMBS, CMBS, CDOs, as well as whole loans.

  • Conduct benchmarking analysis
  • Model and analyze deal features
  • Review deal documents and extensive research

Credit Risk Transfer

Analysis (CRT)

Analyze deals and run scenario analysis to drive investment decisions on your CRT portfolio.

  • Custom deal cash flow models in Python
  • Manage and analyze CRT data on a single platform
  • Normalized Agency data for cross-Agency comparison

Independent expertise on complex cashflows

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Empowering Non-Technical Business Analysts

Loan Performance Analytics Platform

Utilize our proprietary models or implement custom models within our analytics platform.

Access our hosted loan datasets, upload your own loan data files, and create intuitive reports based on credit, prepayment, risk, and loss models.