Machine Learning Models

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Big Data Solutions

The Latest in Mortgage Data Modeling

As databases continue expanding, traditional modeling techniques lack the scalability to handle massive amounts of data.

At RiskSpan, we incorporate machine learning models and techniques into our services to quickly and efficiently sift through billions of records.

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Machine Learning at Work

Industry Applications of Machine Learning



Algorithms for mortgage loan applications such as prepayment scoring.

Challenger Models

Leverage machine learning techniques for challenger model development.



Algorithms to score and understand how well predictive models fit.



Advanced techniques for fourier analysis and time series mapping.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence in which computers have the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. It utilizes advanced statistical methods to manage big and high dimensional data in order to detect patterns and behaviors.

Machine learning uncovers otherwise hidden insights by detecting patterns without clear direction, allowing the algorithm to adapt and change independently as new data surfaces.

Pattern Detection

Deep learning is exceptionally effective at detecting patterns.

Neural Networks

Derives meaning from data by using a hierarchy of multiple layers.

Curious how machine learning fits into your problem?

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Loan and Securities Data

Machine Learning Integration

The RiskSpan Edge Platform is a data management, modeling, and predictive analytics software platform for loans and fixed-income securities. Our scalable, cloud-native platform enables you to make better business decisions based on uncommon insights into historical trends and advanced predictive forecasts.

Our platform tools enable you to build and run machine learning models and applications. Seamlessly integrate machine learning models with commercial and custom data sets, and present with powerful reporting tools.

Data management, model management, and predictive analytics on one platform. The RiskSpan Edge Platform. Data made beautiful.

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