ARLINGTON, Va., May 3, 2022 — RiskSpan, a leading provider of residential mortgage and structured product data and analytics, has appointed Daniel Fleishman as Managing Director within its recently announced Mortgage Servicing Rights unit.

Fleishman’s career includes 17 years at BlackRock where he worked extensively with banks, mortgage companies and REITs to support MSR valuation, risk measurement and hedging practices. In that role, Fleishman gained deep expertise in MSR cash flow and mortgage modeling as well as experience managing diverse client needs ranging from model validation to MSR acquisition analysis. Earlier in his career, he also spent more than a decade at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

“Dan’s extensive expertise with mortgage and MSR analytics is a wonderful complement to our Edge Platform,” said Bernadette Kogler, CEO of RiskSpan. “With the MSR application starting to gain real traction, Dan is just the person to help ensure our clients are getting all they can out of the capability.”

“I am delighted about this opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic company in this new role,” said Fleishman. “I look forward to helping Edge users manage multiple loan-level datasets with ease and visualize servicing cash flows and analytics rapidly and with granularity.”

As announced last week, RiskSpan’s cloud-native MSR application is a new component of its award-winning Edge Platform. It enables investors to price MSRs and run cash flows on the fly at the loan level, opening the door to a virtually limitless array of scenario-based analytics. The flexibility afforded by RiskSpan’s parallel computing framework allows for complex net cash flow calculations on hundreds of thousands of individual mortgage loans simultaneously. The speed and scalability this affords makes the Edge Platform ideally suited for pricing even the largest portfolios of MSR assets and making timely trading decisions with confidence.

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