Edge Platform Updates

MSR Engine

The Platform’s extensive library of available MSR analytic outputs has been expanded to include Effective Recapture Rate and other Income and Expense fields.

Base servicing cost inputs for MSR assumptions have also been enhanced.


The ETL tool for loan onboarding has been further enhanced with machine learning capabilities.

New fields for querying options and enhanced segmentation have been added. And SOFRWalSpread and SOFRSpotSpread are now captured in static analysis output.


Special Eligibility Program fields have been added to Fannie and Freddie pool data outputs along with a complementing SpecialProgram100 filter

Fannie and Freddie datasets now include CBR and CPR metrics (previously only available for Ginnies).

New support has been added for saving CoreLogic LLD queries with complement filters.

Enhanced historical date-based queries in Edge Perspective (e.g., option to run and save queries with relative factor dates rather than specifically coded date.