The rapid decline of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank affirms the strong need for daily interest rate risk measurement and hedging. All financial institutions should have well documented management and board limits on these exposures.

Measuring risk on complex mortgage-backed securities and loan portfolios that have embedded prepayment and credit risk is challenging. RiskSpan has a one-stop risk measurement solution for all mortgage-backed securities, structured product, loan and other related assets including data management, proprietary models and risk reporting.

Our bank clients enjoy the benefit of daily risk measurement to ensure they are well-hedged in this volatile market environment.

For a limited time, under full non-disclosure, RiskSpan will offer a one-time analysis on your securities portfolio.

Please reach out if we can help your institution more fully understand the market risk in your portfolios.


There are many lessons to learn through the SVB failure. While technology (the internet) enabled the fastest run on a bank in US history, technology can also be the solution. As we just saw US Government securities are risk-free for credit but not interest rate movements. When rates rose, security prices on the balance sheet of SVB declined in lock-step. All financial institutions (of all sizes) need to act now and deploy modern tech to manage modern risks – this means managing duration risk on a daily basis. It’s no longer acceptable for banks to review this risk monthly or weekly. Solutions exists that are practical, reliable and affordable.