One of the nation’s largest mortgage loan and MSR investors was hampered by a complex data ingestion process as well as slow and cumbersome on-prem software for pricing and market risk.

A complicated data wrangling process was taking up significant time and led to delays in data processing. Further, month-end risk and financial reporting processes were manual and time-pressured. The data and risk teams were consumed with maintaining the day-to-day with little time available to address longer-term data strategies and enhance risk and modeling processes.



  1. Modernize Rithm’s mortgage loan and MSR data intake from servicers — improve overall quality of data through automated processes and development of a data QC framework that would bring more confidence in the data and associated use cases, such as for calculating historical performance.

  2. Streamline portfolio valuation and risk analytics while enhancing granularity and flexibility through loan-level valuation/risk.

  3. Ensure data availability for accounting, finance and other downstream processes.

  4. Bring scalability and internal consistency to all of the processes above.



By adopting RiskSpan’s cloud-native data management, managed risk, and SaaS solutions, Rithm Capital saved time and money by streamlining its processes

Adopting Edge has enabled Rithm to access enhanced and timely data for better performance tracking and risk management by:

  • Managing data on 5.5 million loans, including source information and monthly updates from loan servicers (with ability in the future to move to daily updates)
  • Ingesting, validating and normalizing all data for consistency across servicers and assets
  • Implementing automated data QC processes
  • Performing granular, loan-level analysis​


With more than 5 million mortgage loans spread across nine servicers, Rithm needed a way to consume data from different sources whose file formats varied from one another and also often lacked internal consistency. Data mapping and QC rules constantly had to be modified to keep up with evolving file formats. 

Once the data was onboarded Rithm required an extraordinary amount of compute power to run stochastic paths of Monte Carlo rate simulations on all 4 million of those loans individually and then discount the resulting cash flows based on option adjusted yield across multiple scenarios.

To help minimize the computing workload, Rithm had been running all these daily analytics at a rep-line level—stratifying and condensing everything down to between 70,000 and 75,000 rep lines. This alleviated the computing burden but at the cost of decreased accuracy and limited reporting flexibility because results were not at the loan-level.

Enter RiskSpan’s Edge Platform.

Combining the strength of RiskSpan’s subject matter experts, quantitative analysts, and technologists together with the power of the Edge platform, RiskSpan has helped Rithm achieve its objectives across the following areas: 

Data management and performance reporting

  • Data intake and quality control for 9 servicers across loan and MSR portfolios
  • Servicer data enrichment
  • Automated data loads leading to reduced processing time for rolling tapes
  • Ongoing data management support and resolution
  • Historical performance review and analysis (portfolio and universe)

Valuation and risk

  • Daily reporting of MSR, mortgage loan and security valuation and risk analytics based on customized Tableau reports
  • MSR and whole loan valuation/risk calculated based at the loan-level leveraging the scalability of the cloud-native infrastructure
  • Additional scenario analysis and other requirements needed for official accounting and valuation purposes

Interactive tools for portfolio management

  • Fast and accurate tape cracking for purchase/sale decision support
  • Ad-hoc scenario analyses based on customized dials and user-settings

The implementation of these enhanced data and analytics processes and increased ability to scale these processes has allowed Rithm to spend less time on day-to-day data wrangling and focus more on higher-level data analysis and portfolio management. The quality of data has also improved, which has led to more confidence in the data that is used across many parts of the organization.


Models + Data management = End-to-end Managed Process

The economies of scale we have achieved by being able to consolidate all of our portfolio risk, interactive analytics, and data warehousing onto a single platform are substantial. RiskSpan’s experience with servicer data and MSR analytics have been particularly valuable to us.

          — Head of Analytics