ARLINGTON, Va., October 19, 2022 – Subscribers to RiskSpan’s Mortgage Data Management product can now not only leverage machine learning to streamline the intake of loan data from any format, but also define any target format for data extraction and sharing.

A recent enhancement to RiskSpan’s award-winning Edge Platform enables users to take in unformatted datasets from mortgage servicers, sellers and other counterparties and convert them into their preferred data format on the fly for sharing with accounting, client, and other downstream systems.

Analysts, traders, and portfolio managers have long used Edge to take in and store datasets, enabling them to analyze historical performance of custom cohorts using limitless combinations of mortgage loan characteristics and run predictive analytics on segments defined on the fly. With Edge’s novel “Reverse ETL” data extract functionality, these Platform users can now also easily and fully design an export format for exporting their data, creating the functional equivalent of a full integration node for sharing data with literally any system on or off the Edge Platform.   

Market participants tout the revolutionary technology as the end of having to share cumbersome and unformatted CSV files with counterparties. Now, the same smart mapping technology that for years has facilitated the ingestion of mortgage data onto the Edge Platform makes extracting and sharing mortgage data with downstream users just as easy.   

Comprehensive details of this and other new capabilities using RiskSpan’s Edge Platform are available by requesting a no-obligation live demo at


This new functionality is the latest in a series of enhancements that is making the Edge Platform’s Data as a Service increasingly indispensable for mortgage loan and MSR traders and investors.


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